Adele Bostwick

Adele Bostwick

Adele is a founding partner of Bostwick Krier & d’Autremont. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) as well as a Certified Medical Case Manager (CCM). She is a native Oregonian, graduate of the University of Oregon and completed graduate work at Portland State University and Seattle University in the Rehabilitation Administration program. She is experienced in medically and legally complex cases and has served as a Vocational Expert in Worker’s Compensation proceedings, long shore hearings, social security hearings, and Federal and Civil Court trials. Adele has developed hundreds of vocational retraining programs and performs job analyses and work site modifications on a regular basis as well as ergonomic assessments to assist injured workers in remaining with their Employer at Injury.

Ann Krier

Ann Krier

Ann is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in Oregon and a proud graduate of the University of Oregon. She did graduate work at Portland State University and currently a board member of The Professionals in Workmen’s Compensation. She has also served on the fundraising board of Serendipity School and donated hundreds of volunteer hours to Portland Public Schools. Ann has excellent relationships with attorneys and employers and focuses on determining if an injured worker can return to regular, modified or new employment with the Employer at Injury. If a worker cannot return to regular employment, Ann has successfully assisted injured workers in selecting a new vocational goal and facilitating retraining with the end result of employment. She is very focused on making sure her clients receive the skills necessary to be successful.

Mary d’Autremont

Mary d'Autremont

Mary is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Disability Management Specialist and is also certified by the Department of Labor for Federal Vocational Rehabilitation. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon and also holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College. She has completed additional training in traumatic brain injury. Mary is passionate about serving all populations; the services she offers includes vocational assessments and evaluations, job analysis, ergonomic assessment, work site modification, career counseling, disability case management, employability assessment and expert testimony in worker’s compensation, divorce and civil proceedings.

Julie Blanchard

Julie Blanchard

Julie holds certifications as a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) and as a Vocational Counselor in Oregon. She is a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Washington and has a Master’s degree in Values. Julie completed coursework for Career Development Facilitator, sponsored by the National Career Development Association, which included theory and applications of career development, gathering and using labor market information, and job search skills instruction: resumes, researching employers, interviewing, and use of technology. Julie enjoys assisting clients in job searching to transition to new employment, with particular interest in older workers. She has worked with Bostwick Krier & d’Autremont for more than ten years in all phases of vocational services and is happy to focus on development of Occupational Skills Training host sites, labor market research, and direct employment services.

Meagan Johnson

Meagan Johnson Meagan is our bilingual Spanish counselor. After living in Mexico for two years, she returned to Oregon to obtain certificates in Medical Interpreting through Portland Community College. Her undergraduate degree is in Public Health and Chicano Latino Studies from Portland State University, and she has over ten years’ experience in medical interpreting and case management. She received her Masters of Science in Communication from Portland State University as well, with an emphasis in health. Meagan has a strong commitment to her clients and a solid understanding of the obstacles they face as well as the resources and skills needed to overcome those barriers. She is skilled in resume writing, job analyses, vocational assessments and case management.

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